Sunday 6 March 2011

Rootstech - this is what it was like

Rootstech was all about using technology, and you might think that this would mean that no-one would need to meet in person any more. Well the 3000 people who attended last month thought it was worth the trip, and my journey from London wasn't the longest by any means. Some of the sessions were streamed live, but if you missed them, you can now catch up by viewing some of the recordings online, courtesy of the Middle Peninsula African-American Genealogical & Historical Society of Virginia. Handy for those of us who were there too, because there were lots of sessions to choose from, and the technology hasn't been developed yet that permits us to be in two places at once. It should give you some idea of what it was like to be there.

Another way to get a flavour of Rootstech is to listen to the latest Genealogy Guys podcast. While he was at Rootstech, Drew Smith recorded interviews with a few people there, and the first three of these have been released so far. These do come with a health warning, though, because I will be featured in a future edition. You have been warned.



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