Wednesday 2 March 2011

Catching up - this could take some time

February was an unusually busy month for me, between Rootstech, WDYTYA-Live and, oh yes, the day job back at base at The National Archives! I have written up a few of my impressions of Rootstech, but none at all as yet of WDYTYA.

WDYTYA - Live at Olympia this year was very busy, as always. I usually try to be there on all three days if I can. Some of the time is official work time - this year I gave one of the workshop presentations and spent some time in the 'Ask the Experts' area. Fortunately my Expert/Speaker pass allows me entry on all days, so I can go on my day off too. It is always great fun, but exhausting, so I am always glad when it's over for another year.

Right now I am easing myself gently back to normal by catching up on episodes of the current series of Heir Hunters now showing on BBC One. This has been a surprise hit, taking the form of a fly-on-the-wall look at the work of a number of firms who seek out the heirs of people who die without leaving a will. It's now in its fifth series and is quite different from other TV genealogy shows like Who Do You Think You Are? When I was a researcher I didn't work in this part of the genealogical world, but I knew a lot of people who did, so Heir Hunters is full of familiar faces.

Until I get my rear in gear and write something properly for myself, you can see what other people thought of WDYTYA - Live, notably Chris Paton or Dick Eastman, or if you are among the Twitterati, search under the hashtag #wdytyalive.

Now, if you'll excuse me, a cup of tea is calling, and that TV isn't going to watch itself you know.



  1. Thanks for the interview Audrey! It's now online at


  2. DearAUDREY,
    Thanks for all you do to help us Americans trace our British Roots. YES, I know you help tons of people at TNA (The National Archives, UK) but for us in the US, we appreciate your long trips to visit our conferences in person. We settle for your blog during your absences from the American continent. :)