Monday 25 March 2013

Rootstech - some pictures from Day Two

Shipley Munson  (aka Tenor 13) opens proceedings
Keynote speaker Jyl Pattee
Tim Sullivan on Ancestry family trees!...
....which is also true
Announcing a major collaboration with FamilySearch
Michael Leclerc of Mocavo, in the Backblaze Demo Theatre
Craig Miller of FamilySearch with keynote speaker Jyl Pattee
Tony Beardshaw of My History with Darris Williams of FamilySearch
In the Media Hub, blogging power trio Jill Ball, Randy Seaver and Dear Myrtle
Randy Seaver doing some Genea-Musing
My geni-mate Jill Ball (aka) Geniaus



  1. Got me twice - may I capture them and perhaps use them, with attribution?