Sunday 3 March 2013

Genealogy goes to the movies

In the week when the 2013 Oscars were announced, the world of film has naturally been much in the news. But have you ever stopped to think of just how much the movies are part of your everyday life - and for anyone who reads this blog that is likely to mean your genealogy.

When you first set off on the Fantastic Voyage, you may have Great Expectations, then you find out It's Complicated but, determined to follow The Paper Chase, you Carry On Regardless, even if does sometimes feel as though you have taken on Mission Impossible. You do this because genealogy is an Affliction that has you in its grasp, Hope Springs eternal and you become Relentless in Hot Pursuit of The Departed

As you become more experienced you become quite the Sleuth, following every Clue as you try to recount The NeverEnding Story of your family. You'll need those skills when you find that Sex and the Single Girl has led to an awkward Three Men and a Baby situation, or when you are simply wondering What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? or O Brother Where Art Thou? and other mysteries in The Family Tree. Of course you can do some research online, and you might make some useful contacts using The Social Network of your choice, but if you need Help them you will find that The Librarian might just be you best friend. It's a good idea to get An Education and you can do some of this online too, and there are some excellent Teachers out there, like Tom Jones

Female ancestors can be particularly tricky to find, and whether yours was a Coal Miner's Daughter of a member of High Society, The Divorcee or The Merry Widow you have probably found this out. But however long it takes you to find all of her Four Weddings and a Funeral, and what is written on her Tombstone I sure you'll agree that The Hours you spent on it were worthwhile. If so, congratulations, you're one of The History Boys (and girls). People Like Us are everywhere!



  1. And the Oscar for Best In Creative Writing goes to...

    Audrey Collins!

    bravo my girl. ;)

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    1. I loved your post and included it on my Friday's Favorites for March 8. Thanks for the great reading!