Sunday 5 February 2012

Rootstech Photo Gallery

Josh Coates keynote session (sans footwear)

Tim Firkowski in Polish costume. Apparently he doesn't dress like this all the time.

Michael Leclerc in demo mode

The Mocavo booth

Billion Graves - not real stones, but they are 3-D

Mr Geniaus aka Robert Ball. I was going to crop this picture, but  decided 'Pops' could stay

D Josh Taylor, brightsolid's new recruit

Paula Stuart-Warren and Jill Ball (Geniaus)

Elissa Scalisse Powell and Drew Smith in an interview tank. I spy Thomas McEntee and Jay Verkler in the background

Proof that Josh Coates does own some footwear

The brightsolid booth - they had the tallest booth (and the tallest men) in the Expo Hall

Mr & Mrs Geniaus again, with Walt and Diane from Flip-Pal

And finally:

Here's my good friend Thomas McEntee
Who found that wherever he went, he
Was followed by folks
Who laughed at his jokes
And gazed at his baubles a-plenty


  1. We feel honoured to have made your Rogue's Gallery - Mr and Mrs Geniaus

  2. I hadn't notice before, but are those bare feet at the keynote address?

  3. They are indeed bare feet, which was commented on by quite a few people. I can confirm, however, that Josh Coates does indeed possess actual footwear, as you can see from the third picture up from the bottom:)