Wednesday 1 February 2012

History in the digital age - University of Warwick Knowledge Centre

Genealogists aren't the only historians who eagerly seize on digital resources (although I don't know of any other group that can muster upwards of 3000 people in one place for that purpose). I found this interesting article in the University of Warwick Knowledge Centre

The article also has some useful links, but with one notable omission - they do not mention the British Newspaper Archive probably because it does not have an institutional subscription option.

While you are there, it is worthwhile exploring some of the other resources in the Knowledge Centre. I came across the University's resource page Why Blog? which includes a variety of case studies - I see that one of my former lecturers blogs about the political economy of football (proper football where you don't pick up the ball, you have to kick it with your foot, that's why it's called football).


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