Saturday 12 February 2011

Rootstech Day Two - about time I wrote something!

The last two days have been quite an experience, to say the least. Registration for Rootstech opened at 7am, and I got my conference bag, lunch tickets, programme and syllabus pretty quickly - it was all very efficiently done. The first thing I always do as soon as I get a conference bag is to ditch it, however nice it is (and this one is a beauty), because the last place I want to carry it around is at a gathering where there are 2000+ identical ones. It's for flaunting when I get back home.

The opening keynote session was quite something, with the speakers being introduced like rock stars. If you'r ever seen one of the big launches from Microsoft or Apple, you'll get the picture - lights, music and CEOs. The first session I attended was Josh Taylor's 'Software Forecast: what genealogists need for the future.' Then I heard Chris van der Kuyl, CEO of Brightsolid, speak at one of the conference luncheons; I was at a table with several Ancestry people. After lunch I had a good look round the Expo Hall, then went to Drew Smith's 'Social networking for genealogists', after which I did a whole lot of real time social networking before the evening at the Clark Planetarium, courtesy of Brightsolid. The planetarium was a lot of fun, with food and drink provided, and the shows in the iMax Theater and the Dome were amazing. I love 3D!


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