Sunday 13 February 2011

More Rootstech - catching up

Flip-Pal mobile scanner
Rootstech really is different. I've never been to a conference where the keynote speakers were introduced with loud rock music, and where the vendor hall includes a Microsoft playground. This turned out to be a real playground, where you could play table tennis, pool,  or table football and even get a free massage. Yes, really. There was a demo area where new products were demonstrated, an internet cafe, some Family History Library research computers and an area where the Rootstech Official Bloggers were stationed.

As you'd expect, there were technology vendors, from major sponsors like Dell and Microsoft to software vendors and small outfits like the nice people selling the Flip-Pal mobile scanner. I had heard good things about this from some of my friends over here, so I treated myself to one of these - they're not available in the UK yet. I'm looking forward to giving it a good try out.

There are seating areas where people can chat and talk business if necessary - lots of networking going on. It ended this afternoon with a big fanfare, and the news that there will be a Rootstech 2012 - same place, slightly different time, 2-4 February, a week earlier. Great news! Awards were presented to the best speakers for each day, based on delegates' votes. There were also prizes for the winners of the Developers' Challenge, and some door prizes. As far as I am concerned this was the best bit, because I won a seven-night stay at the Plaza Hotel! So I will definitely be coming back next year.



  1. Congratulations on a great prize Audrey!

  2. Nice one Audrey, i am really jealous!!!! :-D

  3. Congratulations, Audrey! That was a wonderful prize and I was so excited that you won. A little savings is nice given the cost of flying over from the UK! I greatly enjoyed your National Archives talk on Wednesday - spent most of the day doing research on the British Isles floor. Hope to see you again at an upcoming conference.