Monday 7 February 2011

Countdown to Rootstech - it's this week!

All of a sudden, it's nearly here. Today is my last chance to tie up loose ends at work before disappearing for a week. I have a mental to-do list, so I think I have everything covered. Car parking, flights, hotel and conference registration are all booked, and I have plenty of clean clothes; not ironed, mind you, but they only get crumpled in the case, don't they?

I signed up for Rootstech as soon as registration opened, because I thought it looked quite interesting, and I was looking for an excuse to go back to Salt Lake City. I had no idea that it was going to be so BIG. There will be over 2000 people there, from all over the world. Some of the sessions will be broadcast live online, which is appropriate for an event that is looking at  potential uses of technology in genealogy.

For the first time the providers and designers of the services we will be faced with genealogists en masse. Just think of all that walking, talking feedback! And of course the genealogists will have an opportunity to find out about the services we use. And buy new toys (I have my eyes on the Flip-pal Scanner I have heard so much about).

Apart from the live sessions, you can follow the proceedings through the posts of the official bloggers (and quite a few unofficial ones, too). If you use Twitter. the hashtag is #Rootstech. See you there I hope, one way or another.


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