Monday 30 January 2012

Mappy Monday - Evacuation map of Scotland 1939

TNA ref: RG 26/6

A National Register was compiled throughout the United Kingdom in September 1939, on the outbreak of the Second World War. The information collected was used for a variety of purposes; identity cards, ration books, conscription into the armed forces and other services, and the evacuation of children. There is a great deal of background information in The National Archives about the administration of the system. Many of the documents can be found online at HISTPOP and there are some interesting details about the evacuation of children, including the map of Scotland, above. There is no corresponding map for England and Wales, but there is a county list. Every county was designated either as an evacuation area, from which children were to be removed, a neutral area, or a reception area.

Links to the evacuation papers and other documents on National Registration can be found on the HISTPOP page Documents relating to National Registration, 1939


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