Thursday 18 November 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - 'A Happy Pair - thanks to Murphy's'

This is a 1938 promotional leaflet for Murphy's Football Pools, featuring one of their recent winners and his wife. The couple concerned are William Furminger 1892-1969 and his wife Lottie (Wyneschenk) 1893-1983, my mother-in-law's parents.

He is also featured on the inside of the leaflet, along with several other winners, where it is revealed that he won £1548 5s, quite a tidy sum in 1938, the equivalent of around £44,465 (or more than US $71,000) today.

It reads 'Mr L Fulminger of 14 Hopton House Loughborough, Brixton, London S. W. often worried about the future of his wife and family if anything  'happened' to him. "But, now", he says, "the future is bright and cheerful since my £1,548/5/0. win in Murphy's Penny Points Pool

It's a lovely thing to have, and a reminder that you can't believe something just because it's in print; His initial was W, not L, and his surname is Furminger, not Fulminger. It's yet another one to add to the dozens of other variant spellings I have found for this surname. They did get the address right, though.

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