Friday 5 November 2010

Follow Friday - Rootschat

There are lots of discussion boards, newsgroups and forums to choose from, and everyone has their favourites. One of mine is Rootschat 'an easy to use messaging forum for everyone researching their family history roots or local history'. 

Its focus is the UK and Ireland, and there are separate boards for each county, as well as special interest topics such as the armed forces , census, one-name studies, and technology issues. One particularly nice feature is the Photo Restoration board, where you can upload your old family photographs and ask for them to be restored, improved or even colourised.

There is lots of help and advice on this forum, and an army of hard-working volunteer moderators to guide you. There are lots of very knowledgeable people on this forum who are happy to share their expertise, or simply to help each other out. For example, a very kind person who lives close to where I lived as a child took pictures of my old home and my first school and sent them to me - and I hadn't even asked him to!

Forum posts can run the risk of wandering off topic, but there is a safety-valve here in the form of "The Totally Off Topic Bit" for posts that have nothing to do with genealogy.

Rootschat is a nice place to hang out, and is definitely worth a look if you have British or Irish ancestry

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