Sunday, 19 June 2011

Hidden treasure - Digital microfilm update

Since my last post on the subject, several extra record series have been added to the no-frills 'Digital microfilm' section of DocumentsOnline.
You could be forgiven for not noticing this, since the introductory page for digital microfilm does not list the new records yet - because there are so many new additions, this needs to be completely re-written.

To find and download a file, you need to identify the reference for the piece that you want using the Catalogue. Then go to DocumentsOnline and type the reference in the 'Quick search' box, press 'Go' and then follow the instructions. You might want to go and make a cup of tea, walk the dog or do some laundry while the file downloads, unless you have a super-duper fast broadband connection, because the files can be very large, sometimes amounting to hundreds of pages. Worth it, though.

Here are some of the new records that have been added, that may be of interest to genealogists:

ADM 171 Navy department medal rolls

FO 611 Indexes of passport holders

HO 9 Convict hulk registers

HO 11 Convict transportation registers

HO 40 Home Office disturbances correspondence

HO 52 Home Office counties correspondence and papers

WO 116 Army out-pensioners admission books

The National Archives reference: WO 116/1

WO 117 Army length of service pension admission books



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