Friday, 29 October 2010

Royal Naval Reserve records 1860-1908 now online

These records have just been put online by The National Archives on DocumentsOnline

You can now search and download over 9000 service records for men serving in the Royal Naval Reserve between 1860 and 1908.

The records, from the catalogue reference BT 164, record a rating's name, date of birth, physical description, date of enrolment, parents' names, ships served on, retainer pay and any training undertaken.

The records cost £3.50 to download and you can search the records by entering any or all of the following information:

First name(s)
Last name
Year of birth
Place of birth
Service number
There is more information about these and other records on the DocumentsOnline page. They make a welcome addition to the existing Royal Navy, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, Royal Naval Divison and Royal Marines records that are already on the site.

DocumentsOnline is a good place to look for British naval and military records, and a variety of other useful sources. They are records held by The National Archives, and most of them are not available on any other sites. The Introduction page gives you an idea of the range of records covered, and links to full lists by category under 'Quick links'

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